Club Rules

Membership Rules


Rule 1 – Objects

To establish, maintain and conduct a social or other club for the accommodation of members of the club and their friends to generally afford to members and their friends all the usual privileges, advantages, conveniences and accommodation of a club. To promote the game of golf and to purchase foods, liquors, intoxicating or otherwise, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, matches and all other such articles usually provided and supplied by clubs and to supply the same to members.


Rule 2 – Election of Members

Every application for Membership shall be submitted to the Directors who then may elect or reject the candidate. Members of recognised golf clubs may be admitted to the club as temporary members without election for such time and on such terms as may be determined from time to time by the Directors. The Directors may on special occasions or for any special reason invite any distinguished visitor to become an Honorary Member of the club for a limited period. Any member may be elected a Life Member of the club free from any Annual Subscription but with the full rights of a member on payment of such capital sum as shall be from time to time be determined by the Directors (usually ten years subscription). Any member shall be allowed to introduce guests to meals or to take refreshments.


Rule 3 – The Terms of Subscription and Entrance Fee

The Directors shall have discretionary power to fix, vary or suspend from time to time, the entrance fee. The Annual Subscription shall be fixed in the General Meeting. The Annual Subscription shall become due on the 1st April in each year. No member shall compete for a prize until his entrance fee and all arrears due by him are paid in full. If a member’s subscription fee or entrance fee remains unpaid after the 30th April in each year, the Directors may remove his name from the list of members.


Rule 4 – Resignation

Any member intending to resign from the club must signify such intention, in writing, to the Secretary not later than the 31st January of the current year. Otherwise, such member shall pay the Subscription for the following year due on the 1st April, whether using the club or not.


Rule 5 – The Hours of Opening and Closing

The Directors shall have the power from time to time to make, alter and repeal all such rules, bye-laws and regulations as they may deem necessary or convenient for the proper conduct and management of the club, and in particular, but not exclusively, they may by such bye-law, regulate the times of opening and closing any clubhouse belonging to the club or part thereof.


Rule 6 – Alteration of the Rules

A motion for the alteration or amendment of or addition to, of any of the rules of the club shall be made at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose. Notice should be sent in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting. Failure to comply with this requirement would result in the motion not being included on the agenda.


Dress Rules, Club Rules


  1. T-shirts, collarless shirts, trainers or tracksuits must not be worn on the course. Golf shoes or being shoeless in the clubhouse is not permitted. Smart jeans (constantly reviewed by directors) but not collarless shirts are now permitted in the clubhouse but not to be worn on official club functions.
  2. Headwear is not permitted in the clubhouse.
  3. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the clubhouse,except in the shelters provided. The use ofE – Cigarettes is permitted in the clubhouse.


Golfing Equipment

  1. Golfing equipment must not be taken into the main lounge, nor shall it be left in the entrance porch. Do not carry golfing equipment through the main lounge.
  2. All articles left in the locker room, on the car park, or left unattended anywhere shall be at the members or visitors own risk.


In-House Rules

  1. The only type of dog allowed in the clubhouse is a Guide Dog for the Blind.
  2. The main lounge is for the occupancy of both ladies and gents.
  3. For the benefit of members only, cheque encashment accompanied by a banker’s card, will be allowed up to £50.00.
  4. Staff and outside contractors are not allowed to use the snooker table unless invited by a member.
  5. No member or visitor shall be admitted to the clubhouse for the purpose of purchasing intoxicating liquor less than 30 minutes from closing time.
  6. The Captain’s Chair is for the use of the Captain. Anyone caught sitting on it will be required to purchase drinks for everyone in the clubhouse at that moment.
  7. Mobile phones shall not be answered in the main lounge or calls made from the main lounge. Please use the foyer. Texting and researching of a mobile phone is permitted within the clubhouse.


Juniors in the Clubhouse


  1. An adult must accompany juniors and young children under 11 years of age in the main lounge.
  2. Juniors under 15 years of age are not allowed in the main lounge after 9pm unless accompanied by an adult.
  3. Juniors under 17 years of age are not allowed to stand or sit at the bar.
  4. Juniors under 18 years of age must not play cards for money, nor play fruit machines or use the snooker table if under 14 years of age.


Clubhouse Presentations


  1. Winners of competitions are expected to be at the Prize-Giving Ceremony to collect their prizes. Winners who do not attend will have their prize confiscated.
  2. If you have played in a competition and the prize giving is to be held that evening, please make every effort to come back and support it. You don’t win very often, so it is great if at the moment of ‘glory’, a large group of your fellow competitors are there to cheer you on.
  3. The Annual Prize-Giving Ceremony will be announced in the diary and in the clubhouse. Please make every effort to support them. Dress is smart casual.
  4. Prize vouchers may now be used behind the bar or towards Annual Club Subscriptions


Disciplinary Procedures

Membership is conditional on acceptance of the Rules in this Handbook and the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Rishton Golf Club Limited.

Contravention of the Rules or failing to observe acceptable standards of behaviour may result in a member being banned or his membership being terminated.  No refund of fees will be given in such circumstances.


Competition Rules

Eligibility and Payment of Fees


  1. All membership fees must be paid before members can enter competitions. This rule does not apply to members paying monthly to the club, however all fees must be maintained and kept up to date. All competitors must have a recognised handicap.
  2. Competitions are entered using the BRS booking on system. You will only be able to enter your name providing you have sufficient funds in your purse. You can top your purse up on the system using a credit/debit card or place money within the safe with your name and amount thereon and a committee member will update your account.
  3. You may add players to your tee time providing they too have sufficient funds in their respective purses.
  4. All bookings/updates are notified to member via their respective email provided to the club.
  5. Entry for competitions will close at 9pm on the Friday prior to the competition being played.


Adding Additional Names

  1. If you are unable to attend personally, you may send in a letter to the Comps Chairman at least one week prior to the posting of the competition, stating your preferred tee time and a committee member will enter your name. Again, you need to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your purse.


Having to Cancel from a Competition

  1. Any player having to cancel from a competition must withdrawal their name from the BRS system. If it is a late withdrawal, then please email the club also outlining your withdrawal to enable the Comps Committee to make any necessary changes if required.


Practising and Social Golf on the Day of a Competition

  1. On the day of the competition, competitors must not practise on the course prior to playing. Non- competitors may play social golf on most competition days starting no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition, and also when the final group of the day has cleared the 11th tee.


Playing Rules for Competitions

  1. The Rules of the R & A will apply in all circumstances. Local rules should be checked prior to playing.  Starting times must be strictly obeyed and the order of teeing off will be in accordance with the placement of names on the starting sheet. After, the player with the lowest score will have the honour on the tee.
  2. Due to only having 9 holes, please allow all the players waiting to tee off on the 1st tee to play before playing your 10th Hole.
  3. Ties in competitions will be decided by reference to the better score on the 2nd nine holes. If still tied then the last six holes, three holes, two and one respectively.  Handicaps will be considered.
  4. The decision of the Competitions Committee will be final in all matters relating to a competition.
  5. Juniors having attained a playing handicap of 18 or less will be eligible to play in all senior competitions but cannot win a Captain’s Qualifier or Board Competitions. Two juniors will not be allowed to play together.
  6. On certain days the course will be closed all day for social golf. The special days will be Captain’s Weekend – closed from Friday noon, President’s Day, Lady Captain’s Day & Lady President Day. Any member not observing this rule will be asked to leave the course and requested to give an explanation.


Suspension of Play

During inclement weather it may be necessary to suspend play. A member of the Committee will sound a klaxon giving it two long blasts.  Mark your ball and seek safe shelter – do not play on. After fifteen minutes, the situation will be reviewed and if play is to resume one long blast will be sounded.   If three long blasts are sounded vacate the course immediately.


Golf Etiquette & Courtesy on the Course

  1. Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, the player must ensure that no-one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, stones, pebbles, twigs, etc., which may move during the swing.
  2. No one should move, talk, or stand too close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or taking a stroke.
  3. Please make progress on the course, position carts, trolleys, and bags, on the next tee side to avoid unnecessary walking. Cards should be marked at the next tee.
  4. Prior to striking the ball make sure that players in front are out of reach. Wait if unsure.
  5. Please be aware of greens’ staff that may be working on the course and ensure that they are well out of range before playing your shot
  6. Lost Ball: The law allows you to search for three minutes before declaring your ball lost; it does not allow you five minutes to search for your ball prior to calling the following players through. If you suspect that your ball may be lost or difficult to find, please call through the following players. Once called through these players have priority; wait until they are out of range before you play again. It may be advisable to play a provisional ball. This may save you a long walk back to your last striking position.  It also speeds up play.

Priority on the Course

  1. In the absence of special rules, two-ball matches should have precedence over and be entitled to pass through three or four-ball matches. If you are in a two-ball and being held up, ask the group in front politely if you may play through.
  2. Any match playing a full round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round. If a match fails to keep its place on the course and loses more than one clear hole, it must invite the match following to pass.
  3. Gentlemen – please note – The ladies have priority on the course when playing competitions. Secondly, they have the Tee reserved during the winter on Sundays for Winter League Golf from 11:30pm to 12:30pm.
  4. Mobile phones MUST not be used whilst on the course, except in an emergency.


Care of the Course

  1. After visiting a bunker, it should be raked smooth, and left free of holes and footprints.
  2. Replace all your divots on the fairways. Repair your pitch marks on the green.
  3. Spike damage caused by golf shoes should be repaired on completion of the hole – bnot before.
  4. To avoid damage to the greens please keep trolleys and bags off the playing surface.
  5. Avoid standing too near to the hole as spike marks may cause problems for following players.
  6. Do not lean on your putter when on the green.
  7. When removing or replacing the flag, keep as far from the hole as possible, remove and replace the flag vertically so that the rim of the hole is not damaged. Take care when removing your golf ball.
  8. When winter greens are in place they must be regarded as alien greens.


Golf Carts & Trolleys

  1. Local notices regulating the use of golf carts and trolleys must be strictly observed, and never take carts or trolleys across greens or tees whether permanent or temporary.


Damage through Practice Swings

  1. When taking practice swings players should take care not to damage the course.
  2. Practice swings on the tee are strictly forbidden except just prior to addressing the ball.


Our greens are amongst the finest in Lancashire. Please take care of your course and ask your guests & visitors to do likewise.


New Members & Applicants

  1. Applicants awaiting confirmation of membership are not allowed to play the course except as fee- paying visitors.
  2. Juniors under 17 applying for membership, as in the case of adults, must be proposed and seconded by adult members of the Club.
  3. Applicants will be expected to meet a Club official prior to joining. This will be to discuss Rules & Etiquette.
  4. Only golfing footwear is allowed if playing the course. Dress code applies on the course and in the clubhouse. T-shirts, collarless shirts, trainers or tracksuits must NOT be worn on the course.  Subject to a constant review by the Directors, jeans are permitted within the clubhouse, except on official club functions or when representing the club.
  5. Practice Area: There is a practice area on the right- hand side of the main car park. Always play away from the cars on the car park NEVER towards them.
  6. Pitching and chipping is only allowed on the higher practice putting green in front of the clubhouse. Practice pitching and chipping to greens on the course is also not allowed. A practice net is provided.
  7. Bag sharing is not allowed on the course.
  8. A player playing social golf must not play more than two balls.
  9. Social golf or practice rounds can be started on the 1st, 3rd or 5th Holes providing that the preceding hole is clear.
  10. In social golf, players waiting to start their round must give players approaching the tenth tee from the ninth hole priority. This does not apply in competitions.
  11. Members wishing to apply for handicaps must submit 54 holes of golf either 9 or 18 holes and each card must be signed by a player with a recognised handicap.