Results: Captains 1st Qualifier (Won by Alan Connor)

Results for the Captain's 1st Qualifier

Saturday graced us with the first dry fixture of the season and by far the warmest day of the year so far, this opened up the course to great golfing conditions. This was an unusual sight for an early captains qualifier, previous years have seen the fixtures hit with heavy rain.

Winner and Gross Prize

A big congratulations to Alan Connor who took the nett prize with an impressive 85 – 20 (65 nett), the gross prize was taken by Clive Whittle with a 79

Division Prizes:

1 – Clive Whittle 79 – 9 (70), 2 – John Janeczko 83 – 16 (67), 3 – Alan Connor 85 – 20 (65), 4 – Henry Lello 94 – 23 (71)

Congratulations to everyone who took part, and let’s all hope for more dry weather like yesterday!